Contact Name : Roger Adams

Address: 6019 W. Addison St Chicago IL. 60634 - 4210

Home Telephone: 1-773-545-4810

Website E Mail: www.rogerbruce36@yahoo.com (customer orders, messages, and questions associated with this business).

Alternate E Mail: starart.myprints@yahoo.com (general business).

Hours of operation: 24/7. Drop me a message on my Phone or Emails, if, I am not immediately reachable.

Normally it takes 5 days to print and frame the order, in which case FedEx will give you a tracking number on your email so you can track your delivery.

And Thanks for your order, I appreciate your business.

Upon your satisfaction, give me a referral and a star by contacting at rogerbruce36@yahoo.com

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